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Monteverde Rain Forest

Duration: full day.
Arrival: 7:00
What to take:tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, sunblock, sunglasses, binoculars, repellent and hat or cap.
Includes: Transportation, drinks, lunch and a guide

Note: available for a minimum of two persons.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

This area was declared a biological reserve in 1972 in order to preserve the only Costa Rican cloud forest.
Walk from one tree to another at an altitude of 200 meters.

There is an incredible natural beauty that can be observed during the sky walk. The walking tour on top of a bridge (200 meters high), which connects one tree to another, presents full view of all kind of fauna and flora.

... and for the most adventurous...

We suggest the sky trek, where there is a zip line and a moving platform.

Look around

In Monte Verde biological cloud forest there are eight different life zones; it has varying degrees of humidity and a climate that change as you cross over from one area to the other. From swamp to cloud forest the scenery is always incredible. Bromeliads, orchids and many other tropical plants and flowers are easily seen.  Birds, as the elusive resplendent Quetzal, and butterflies will also be seen during the tour from the top of the trees along with the already unbelievable view!

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