Our Eco Adventures & Tours

Duration: 2 ½ hours
Included: transportation, guides, drinks and fruits.
What to take: Hiking shoes, Comfortable clothes, Insect repellent, Binoculars.

Note: available for a minimum of two persons.

It’s not just a walk, there is ample opportunity for you to satisfy all your senses in the enjoyment of the amazing surrounding nature, this experience will provide both an interesting and enjoyable time. This tour is special for all bird watching lovers. Good health is required for the full enjoyment of the activities. Come and join us, we want to share our tropical forest with you, as well as to provide a glimpse of our ancient history. With luck on your side, you can see some white face and hollowing monkeys in their the natural habitat, exercise a bit and in the process take an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean, we are waiting for you!!!