Our Eco Adventures & Tours
Turtle Watching

Duration: 4hrs approximately.
In: 9:00 P.M.
What to take: dark clothes, poncho, sweater, tennis shoes or sandals, camera,- flash lights are not allowed at night..
Includes: transportation, guides and drinks.

Note: available for a minimum of two persons.

Turtle Watching 

Playa Camaronal is a natural refuge to observe turtles laying eggs, they come to this beach all year around. However, the best time for this is from June through January. After this period, these creatures still keep coming but in lesser numbers,  We do this tour all year around allowing the opportunity to see the four species of sea turtles which visit the refuge at different times: The hawksbill  comes from June up to August, the olive ridley comes all year around, the black sea turtle comes  from august to November, The most admired of them all is the  leatherback, which grows up to two meters long and weight from 450 up to 600 kilograms.

These turtles visit the beach every single night   even during the dry season, the turtles lay around one hundred eggs, and visitors can  observe them very close and appreciate  how hard they work to try to keep surviving in this planet; from  one thousand eggs  only one or two will survive. Information will be given indicating which beach receives the various species. Different turtles arrive in large numbers at different intervals, usually at night.

At times you can count them in the thousands. You could also learn more from the guides or park attendants about these prehistoric great animals. If you are in the area, do not miss this incredible experience. It will be an adventurous evening that you will not easily forget.

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