Carrillo Tours is a Costa Rican owned Tour Operator. Some of our services are: Private/Shared Shuttles, Sea/ Mangrove Kayak Tours, Boat Tours, Horseback Riding Tours, Turtles Tours, Nature Hiking, visiting different conservation areas or natural reserves. We are located in Playa Samara and Playa Carrillo.

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Samara Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Mon – Sun 8.00 – 16.00


Palo Verde

Price $95 8 hours
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Palo Verde

$95 per person

Price: $95 Adults/$85 kids

There you can see freshwater and salt water lagoons and marshes, grasslands with red mangroves, swamps, grassland with rough-leaf trees, different kinds of forest and savannahs.
In the park there are more than 150 species of trees, among them the parkisonia aculeate, which lends its name to the park for the light green color of its branches.
Palo Verde contains the largest concentration of wading bird in all Central América and has identified more than 270 species of birds, from september to march several thousand of herons, regrets, grebes, ibis, and ducks flock to the lagoons and surrounding areas to feet and mate. The park also has the largest nesting colony of black crowned night herons in the country. It’s located in the bird island, which is part of Palo Verde National Park. Crocodiles of up to 5 meters in length have been seen on the Banks of Tempisque River. Palo Verde is a real attraction for birdwatching fans.

8 hours
4+ Age
  • Departure
    Pick up at your hotel
  • Departure Time
    8:00 A.M.

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